Law Library of Congress Releases Collection of Research Reports Offering Comparative Analysis of Foreign & International Law since the 1940s

Those of you who follow federal legislation may be familiar with CRS Reports. The Congressional Research Service is a non-partisan legislative branch agency, housed inside the Library of Congress, that provides comprehensive analysis on issues that may come before Congress.  Although created for Congress, these reports can be tremendously insightful on matters of federal policy to attorneys and others.

But you may not be aware that the Law Library of Congress also prepares research reports on legal topics, with an emphasis on foreign, comparative, and international law, in response to requests from Congress, the executive and judicial branches of the federal government, and others.  Many of these previously unreleased reports are now accessible to researchers and other members of the public.  To date, over 3,000 digitized and born-digital historical reports have been released online offering comparative analysis of foreign and international law from the 1940s to the present.

Screenshot of Featured Law Library of Congress reports

Source: In Custodia Legis