Researching Municipal Ordinances in Wisconsin and Beyond

Unlike federal and state law which is widely available, municipal law can be difficult to track down.  In Wisconsin alone, there are 585 municipal (city and village) governments and 1,265 town governments and the availability and amount of information available from each varies greatly.  Fortunately, there is a guide to searching municipal law in the latest InsideTrack from the State Bar of Wisconsin.

The guide, by law librarian, Emily Gellings, covers sources of municipal ordinances, including the excellent list maintained by the Wisconsin State Law Library, links to additional legislative information posted on Legistar, the major municipal law treatises, and current awareness resources.

This guide is part of the Legal Research 101 series, a partnership between the State Bar and the Law Librarians Association of Wisconsin.  These research guides, written by law librarians, offer advice on researching many areas of Wisconsin law.