Article: Locating Wisconsin Appellate Case Information & Briefs

2nd Update: This article is now available electronically from the Wisconsin Law Journal. The link appears in the text below.

Update: I just received a call from David Ziemer, News Editor at the Wisconsin Law Journal. He saw this post in WisBlawg and said that he would be willing to make this article available electronically for our readers. I’ll post the link when it’s available. Thanks David!
There is an excellent piece in the August 4, 2004 issue of the Wisconsin Law Journal entitled, “Locating Wisconsin Appellate Case Information & Briefs.”
It’s full of tips on:
1) where to find the status of Wisconsin Court of Appeals and Supreme Court cases; and
2) where to access briefs for appellate cases
Since many of you probably won’t have access to the Wisconsin Law Journal in print, I’ll let you know that you can find #1 at the Wisconsin Supreme Court & Court of Appeals Case Access site (WSCCA.1) and #2 at the UW Law Library’s own Wisconsin Briefs web page (although our server is down this morning – check back later). But do read the article if you have a chance since it includes a lot of great searching tips.
The author is Connie VonDerHeide, a member of the Law Librarians Association of Wisconsin.