Guides to Sources of Legal Information for WI & International Attorneys

At the request of our legal research and writing instructors, I’ve recently updated my guide to Sources of Legal Information for the Wisconsin Attorney.
In it, I’ve gathered electronic sources of legal information such as case law & citators, legislation, regulations and journal articles. For each database, I note the cost (including whether it may be free at a local library), coverage (contents & dates), and any additional information.
The guide also includes information on vendors/suppliers of legal sources and costs associated with each. Library document delivery services are featured, as well as vendors accepting credit cards and those requiring paid subscription.
This guide was originally compiled as a handout for our Surviving in the Real World workshop for our graduating law students. It has, however, taken on a life of it’s own. It was published in the Wisconsin Lawyer in October 2002 and has been used in other classes and workshops.
Although the guide specifically focuses on Wisconsin resources, it also covers sources useful for practitioners in other states.
For our international students and visiting scholars, I created a second guide entitled, Sources of U.S. Legal Information for the International Attorney. This guide, which has also been updated, covers U.S. federal and state legal resources available from anywhere.