Law Library Buzz Aggregates Law Library Blogs

A while back, I was contacted by Chick Markley, VP/Engineering of The Personal Bee, Inc. about a new site called Law Library Buzz, an aggregator for law library blogs. I agreed to sign on as the “Bee Keeper.”
There are a couple of pretty neat features of Law Library Buzz. First, there is a single RSS feed for all the law library blogs included in the Buzz. This is nice if you want to follow what’s happening in the law library community and don’t want to subscribe to all the blogs individually.
A list of all of the blogs in the Buzz appears on the left in the “In This Beehive” section. Only the first few in alpha order appear, but you can hover over “show all” to see the full list. If you click on one, you can see just the posts from that blog. [As Bee Keeper, I’m in charge of adding blogs to this list. As you’ll see, there are 84 of them. You may wonder why not all 112 of them – as compiled in my Law Library Blogs list – appear on Law Library Buzz. It’s because I have excluded those which seem to have mostly announcements about the library or parent organization. If you have suggestion about other blogs to include in the Buzz, please contact me.]
Another cool feature is the “Top Buzz” section on the left. This is a tag cloud of the most frequently blogged about subjects by law library blogs. It gives you a quick take on what’s making news. If you click on “Jump to the Full Buzz,” you’ll see a big tag cloud.
As for the entries themselves in the main part of the page, notice that there is a “vote” icon to the left of each entry. You can vote for what you consider the best posts and they will rise to the top of the list. Note that posts only go back one month in Law Library Buzz.