ALR to be Available Only on Westlaw

Information Today reports that as of January 2008, American Law Reports (ALR) will be available exclusively on Westlaw.
From the article:

It isn’t the first time that users have had products pulled out from under them. Lexis took away Shepard’s Citators–and in fact, Westlaw’s novel and award-winning KeyCite was a response to that. Factiva has been an exclusive at one time or another on each system. Various newspapers and journals have also been moved back and forth, lock, stock, and barrel…
Competition now demands (and Lexis has already announced) new products to fill the gap left by ALR… According to Michael Saint-Onge, my LexisNexis consultant, we “really have a two-pronged answer. Cases in Brief, which gives the in-depth analysis of specific cases (and the larger legal issues underlying the case)” is one… The “second part of the answer hasn’t been released yet: It’s the remake of Search Advisor, which is being revamped and should release in late September or early October.”

Source: AbsTracked