Google Scholar Indexing Hein Online Content

Due Process reports that law review articles from Hein Online are now being indexed by Google Scholar.

I’ve always liked Google Scholar, but up until recently I haven’t found it particularly helpful for finding law review articles. Until today. I just noticed that Google Scholar now searches HeinOnline, which has one of the largest online collection of law review articles. I can’t tell how much of HeinOnline is being searched by Google Scholar.
Google Scholar is different from Google because it searches only databases that have scholarly content and aren’t searchable by Google as they aren’t part of the free web. Google Scholar doesn’t provide access to the full-text of these articles (your library does that), but it is an quick and easy way to search multiple databases at one time.

And if you didn’t already know, the Wisconsin State Law Library offers remote access to Hein Online to firms or state agencies with less than 25 attorneys. If that’s you and you have a WSLL library card, you can access the full text law reviews and journals in Hein Online from anywhere.
Update: 3/31/08
Read more about in the Hein Online Weblog

The indexing is still ongoing, as Google Scholar has not fully indexed all of the titles in the Law Journal Collection as of yet. Over the next 30 days or so they should near completion of the indexing at which point the entire HeinOnline Law Journal collection will be searchable in Google Scholar.