Archival Case Law Free with FindACase

FindACase, from VersusLaw, is a new source for free case law. While there are other free case law sites out there, such as Justia, Public Library of Law and PreCYdent, the coverage on FindACase appears to be more comprehensive.
FindACase contains case law from:

  • U.S. Sup. Ct. 1886-
  • Fed. Circ. Cts. 1930-
  • Fed. District Cts. vary (most 1940s-)
  • States vary (most 1990s-)

Users can retrieve cases by by citation or keyword search.
BUT – there are a few “gotchas”

  • First, you are required to provide your zip code before a search ” to provide advertisers with information they need to support the site”
  • Second, the documents you retrieve with your search do not contain the citation or docket number . If you want the citation or docket number, you may purchase a complete version of the document by selecting the “Buy This Document” button and will be charged $2.95 per document.

    The FindACase Network consists of 52 web sites: one for each state (including Wisconsin), Washington D.C., and a FindACase Network homepage. Each web site consists of the state and federal case law for that particular state, i.e., the state appellate courts, the Federal Circuit Court, the U.S. District Court cases, and the U.S. Supreme Court.
    Source: LexLibris